Natural Arctic Oil - 200 ml Bottle

Natural Arctic Oil - 200 ml Bottle

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Natural Arctic Oil 200ml -100% Natural, Pure and Sustainable with a fresh taste.

High dose of natural omega-3 DHA and EPA, Enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin D3. Informed Sport Certified, Gold Award EVOO, Doping Free Certified for Athletes. 

Natural Arctic Oil is much more than just an Omega 3 product. It is blended with additional nutrients like Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)  that works in synergy with the high-quality omega-3 fish oil. Not only does the EVOO protect the omega-3 from oxidation, but it also has many additional health effects.

1 Bottle = 1 month supply
Adults - 1/2  Tablespoon per day  
Children - 1 Teaspoon per day