Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to other products, AHS Natural Arctic Oil has a very low oxidation value (called Totox). Our Totox is between 6-8, while most others are 25 or more.

Low oxidation = increased quality of omega structure and increased absorption by the body. Further, it has the highest amount of natural DHA content per serving.

DHA is the most important omega 3 we require yet is the one that is lacking in most of today’s food sources so we are not able to get enough of it even for those people with the best eating habits and diets.

AHS Natural Arctic Oil is blended with an award winning omega-9 Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin D3 that together with the Omega 3 have many synergetic health effects in our body and brain.

AHS Natural Arctic Oil is more than just an omega -3 product.

The blood test is an excellent source of data about your bodies current Omega 3 levels. These days everyone is looking for data to make informed decisions about their health. And we all like to have proof a product is actually working for us. We suggest you take a baseline test prior to starting our product and again 45-90 days after. Compare the results. Guaranteed your results will better with the second test which will be the validation you need that our product works. We have no doubt that it does. If you are already taking an omega supplement, there is no better way to verify its effectiveness or not and to see if our product can get you to even better levels.

The blood test shows two fundamental bio-markers of health 1) Omega 6:3 Ratio and 2) Omega Index . These are directly correlated to the overall health of your body.

The Omega 6:3 ratio shows the balance between omega-6 and omega-3 in your body and is directly related to how well your cells are functioning. The optimal ratio is 1:1. The higher the ratio the worse our cells are functioning. Higher ratios correlate to cell membranes being more rigid and less permeable making it harder for nutrients to get in and waste to be expelled. The lower the ratio the better our cells are functioning as lower ratios correlate to cells being more permeable thus making it easier for nutrients to get in and waste to be expelled.. A number of studies have shown the average person in today’s society has a ratio of 14:1 or higher. The addition of a good omega product will increase the omega 3 in our bodies and getting that ratio closer to the optimal 1:1 level.

The Omega 3 Index (the overall percentage of Omega 3 in your body) is related to your risk of cardiovascular disease as well as the speed at which you age. The higher the Omega 3 index equates to reduced chance of cardiovascular disease. Optimal percentage in the body is 8% or higher. The average person tests at less than 3%. The addition of a good omega product like ours increases the overall percentage of omega 3 in our bodies thus reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease and slowing down aging of cells.

Due to high amount of DHA and EPA in our product you only need to take it once a day. Adults .5 to .75 tablespoon. Children = 1 teaspoon.

Other products may have you taking it two or three times daily. How long it lasts is dependent upon how many people are using it. A bottle will last 1 adult for a month.

It does need to be refridgerated after opening but it can be kept for months at room temperature prior to opening. This means you can keep a suppy of bottles on hand and not worry about it going bad before opening it.

AHS Natural Arctic Oil can be used at any age, but the dose for children is different. As a guideline ½ to ¾ of a tablespoon can be used for Adults and 1 teaspoon for children. Per body weight, children actually require more because their bodies and particularly their brains are still developing. 85% of the essential fatty acids in the brain is DHA. A product such as ours with high amount of DHA is imprtant for brain development. Pregnant women should be taking a high quality omega – 3 DHA because brain development starts in the womb.

During most encapsulation processes the oil will be heated which then causes it to oxidize. Oxidation breaks down the omega-3 molecular structure, mainly DHA, and oxidation is harmful to the body. Usually oxidation can be noted by a rancid smell. In addition during encapsulation, the molecules are compressed which alters them from their natural form leading to reduced absorption by the body. The bodies best absorption level is via its natural form. Thus our product is a fully natural liquid with optimal bio-availability to achieve maximum best absorption.

This will differ by person as each person’s body and metabolism is unique. On the conservative side the average person starts noticing a change in their health and/or condition within 2-3 months but often even much faster with some seeing changes within 15 to 30 days. There are many examples of individuals seeing changes with increased energy, sleeping better, better mood within the first 2 weeks. After 60-90 days you can actually measure the change by taking another blood test.

In reality, no supplements would be needed at all IF our food sources were still rich enough in nutrients. Unfortunately, our diet and the way food has been processed has changed drastically in the last number of years. Manufacturing, started the onset of processed and packaged foods and the efficiencies with raising meat and fish led to a reduction in nutrient rich products with a lot of additives that provide zero nutrition and are actually harmful to our bodies. Think about it, whatever our food sources are fed while they are being raised is what goes into our bodies when we eat them. Salmon that has been farmed are not eating the natural algae (rich in omega 3) from the ocean, rather they are being fed artificial nutrients. Beef and other food sources are being fed all types of concoctions of highly processed grains which provide little nutrition to the animal and are mainly used to stimulate growth and fatten them up unnaturally in order to take them to market quicker. This is what ends up in our body after eating them. Food sources have changed so drastically that we cannot get our daily requirement of nutrients from them any longer and we have to turn to supplements to ensure we get what we need. As with anything, some supplements are quality while others are not. Unless our food sources or dramatically improve, supplements like ours should be part of everyone’s daily nutrition requirement.

Absolutely yes. In fact, effectiveness of your other supplements will be greatly improved by taking our product. Increasing your omega-3 levels improves cell membrane permeability which increases absorption and utilization of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other building blocks and also allows more oxygen into the cell to optimize function.