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I am honestly and utterly relieved to have learned of Natural Arctic Oil from Arctic Health Solutions. Finally there is a product that I can confidently, and more importantly, safely recommend to clients of all ages and conditions. The unique blend of DHA and EPA (Omega 3), along with Omega 9 (Extra Virgin Olive Oil),…

Dr. Mark Stonkus

Dr. Mark Stonkus, AASP-CMPC, LMHC, CSCS.
Owner/Founder MBX Training

YEY! My skin is softer and is no longer dry and itchy! I personally feel more alert. I struggle with being able to do mundane things without zoning out, like driving. I was able to easily drive for over three hours at a time (it was tough to make it to one and a half…

Marsha Lyall

Retired School Teacher

how do we stand out?

Based on extensive omega 3 research and scientifically backed requirements regarding content and quality, our product meets the highest criteria and has established proven results for many people. Natural Arctic Oil has the highest quality and purity levels. It has more DHA than EPA and is blended with an optimal mix of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (omega-9), Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E, which provide synergy in many processes in the brain, heart, arteries and other bodily functions. Customers can easily and anonymously test their own omega-3 levels with our self administered blood test kit which is analyzed by an independent lab. The Omega 3 levels tested indicate the balance between Omega 6 to Omega 3 (6:3 Ratio) and the overall percentage of Omega 3 (Omega 3 Index) in the blood. These are important biomarkers in establishing good health.

While other Omega 3 products might have high EPA and DHA values, they are based on industrially concentrated (esterified) omega-3 which is not well absorbed by our body. AHS Natural Arctic Oil has the highest natural omega-3 (triglyceride) nutritional values, especially DHA.

AHS Natural Arctic Oil is more than just an omega-3 product. It is much more than that as it is blended with additional nutrients like Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that works in synergy with the high quality omega-3 fish oil. Not only does the EVOO protect the omega-3 from oxidation, but it also has many additional health benefits.